About RWSN

The Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) is the global network of professionals and practitioners working to raise standards of knowledge and evidence, technical and professional competence, practice and policy in rural water supply and so fulfil the vision of sustainable rural water services for all. RWSN places a very strong emphasis on innovation, documentation, research and capacity building.

Our vision is of a world in which all rural people have access to a sustainable and reliable water supply which can be effectively managed to provide sufficient, affordable and safe water within a reasonable distance of the home.

We are primarily concerned about viable technologies and approaches that improve rural water supply. We achieve our objectives by catalysing innovation, providing evidence-based documentation, supporting research, sharing information, influencing policies and practices, supporting efforts to build capacity and facilitating networking.

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7th RWSN Forum organisers

We are grateful to the organisations and individuals of the RWSN Forum task force and management team:

  • African Development Bank: Mr Jochen Rudolph, Mr Victor Bas-Martinez
  • IRC: Mr Stef Smits, Mr Ton SchoutenCote d'Ivoire Logo
  • SDC: Dr Manfred Kaufmann
  • Skat Foundation: Dr Kerstin Danert, Mr Sean Furey
  • The World Bank: Mr Miguel Vargas-Ramirez, Ms Almud Weitz, Ms. Lilian Pena Pereira Weiss, Ms Meleesa Naughton
  • UNICEF: Mr Jose Gesti-Canuto
  • WaterAid: Mr Erik Harvey, Mr Vincent Casey

We thank the Government of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire for hosting the Forum.


About RWSN Forums

Knowledge management and networking are core activities for the RWSN Secretariat because we believe that practitioners can learn best from each other. Since 1992, RWSN (which was the Handpump Technology Network until 2003) has organised six international forums before this one:

Year Event Location
1992 Handpump Technology Network founded Kenya
1997 2nd International HTN Workshop Malawi
2000 3rd International HTN Workshop India
2003 4th International HTN Forum – HTN changed to RWSN South Africa
2006 5th International RWSN Forum Ghana
2011 6th International RWSN Forum Uganda
2016 7th International RWSN Forum Cote d’Ivoire

Photo Credits on this website
Skat Foundation: Sean Furey; Martin Laeng; Kerstin Danert
World Bank: Simone D. McCourtie; Arne Hoel; Gerardo Pesantez; Allison Kwesell; Stephan Bachenheimer